Where Are They? 2016 Edition

CSD has now celebrated the graduations of three classes!  Graduates from the Class of 2016 are getting ready to move in to their new homes away from home all over the country, while alumni from the previous classes are continuing with their studies.   If you’re curious as to where CSD students have been offered college acceptances, check out this great map from Naviance.  The red push pins indicate schools that have offered acceptances to our students.

. Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.20.41 AM.png For an interactive version of this map, as well as one where you can see which schools they are attending, and to see the complete list with other statistics regarding the college acceptances of our first three graduating classes, check out your Naviance account at http://connection.naviance.com/csdavidson.  If you have difficulty accessing your account, contact your student’s counselor for help.  The Class of 2017 is beginning the application process this fall, so expect to see many more pins added to this map in the coming year!


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