Junior Parents News

500px-Internet-news-reader.svgThank you to those who were able to attend the Next Step Planning Meeting last Tuesday evening.  For those of you who were unable to attend, we have posted the powerpoint below and the Vimeo in Next Steps Workshops.

A few reminders and updates:

  1. Parents should email your student’s counselor immediately if you still need access to your child’s Naviance account or you simply forgot your password.  
  2. Parents should then log on to Naviance and complete the “Parent Survey from the Next Step Process” which can be found under the “About Me” tab.  This survey will allow the CSD Counseling Team to receive input from parents on…
    • What are your biggest fears or concerns regarding the post-secondary planning process?
    • What type of educational program do you think would be a good fit for your child?
    • What special characteristics of your child should we be particularly aware of in regards to the college planning/selection process?
    • What types of colleges do you hope he/she will consider?
  3. Testing reminders:
    • The school will sign juniors up for the following tests only:  
      • PSAT on October 14, 2015 here at CSD
      • ACT in March 1, 2016 here at CSD
    • All other SAT and ACT registrations must be done online by the student and will take place on Saturday testing dates at other designated schools.
  4. Planning College Visits: When students plan college visits, please make sure the students themselves are going on the college websites to register for the visits.  We want them to learn how to navigate through these websites and also show demonstrated interest to these colleges. Of course, you can sit with them as they do it to ensure you all are on the same page with dates! We have told them in seminar they need to be the ones who are doing this so hopefully, you won’t get too much pushback!
  5. CSD Next Step Blog (Includes Vimeo under “Parent Workshops”  https://nextstepscsd.wordpress.com/
  6. Junior Class Meeting slideshow  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByIf9DM-RgxXWHZ5X19MeVN0cGlFU3ZhZGJVRFBIal9GTzRJ/view?usp=sharing

As always, please email us if you have any questions throughout the year!  We are enjoying working with your students and are honored to take this ride along with you and your students!

The CSD Career and Counseling Team


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