Where Are They?

Our first class has graduated and we’ve sent them off to next steps! Now we are in the midst of our second round of college application season with the Class of 2015, and some might wonder whether our students have what it takes to get into college.  The answer is, quite simply, they do!  Look at this map taken from our school’s Naviance page.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.51.11 PM

The red push pins on the map indicate colleges all over the US where students from the Class of 2014 were accepted.  The list to the right is only a small representation of this list.  Our students have learned how to take challenging courses, study hard, seek out and ask for help from their teachers, speak to members of their community (both peers and adults) and have proven to be well equipped for what lies on the other side of graduation.  The red pins will increase on this map as we graduate more classes.  Parents in high school have direct access to this map and more with your Naviance accounts.  If you are having a hard time logging into yours or cannot remember your login info, contact your child’s counselor for help.


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