The Senior Rush

Seniors seem to be in a hurry this time of year. Early deadlines approach quickly once the school year begins, and even after submitting applications, many seniors will feel rushed to make their final decisions. Students often want to have everything decided as soon as possible, so they hurry through the process. To make sure you navigate this season successfully and with as little anxiety as possible, here are a few dates you need to know…

First, October 15th is the earliest college application deadline allowed by NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counselors). No college applicant will be at a disadvantage by waiting until October for schools with this deadline. So take some deep breaths, edit everything carefully, and don’t rush to submit too soon.

Second, May 1st is the date that all colleges agree on as the deadline for students to notify colleges of their intent to enroll. However, many colleges will encourage students to send in their enrollment deposits as early as possible, some even before January. Remember that this is a business, and colleges are trying to secure their incoming class as soon as possible. They may offer incentives like priority housing to encourage students to commit early. You need to know that their offer of admission is good until May 1st, so take your time deciding if you are not sure or if you have yet to hear back from all of your colleges. Re-visit campuses if you need to. Spend the night in a dorm room. Sit in on classes. Talk to current students. This is a big decision that deserves thoughtful consideration.

And once that decision is made, we look forward to celebrating with you!


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