About Naviance…

Welcome to NAVIANCE!

We are very excited to offer Naviance to our students at CSD.  Read on for more info about this terrific college planning tool…

Q: What is Naviance?

A: Naviance is an online account that our students will use to plan for life after high school and submit applications to college. According to its website, Naviance is “a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.”

Q: How do I access Naviance?

A: Go to connection.naviance.com, and enter “csdavidson” for the account. Username will be the student’s CSD email address. School counselors can change the password if you need a new one. Parents will be given their own username and email during the September class meetings. Contact a counselor if you cannot attend the meeting.

Q: How will students use Naviance as they plan for college?

A: Students will conduct college and career research through their Naviance account. They will also be able to keep track of their goals and thoughts about future options. They will keep a running list of their extracurricular activities through the resume in their Naviance account. Students will use this system extensively in their weekly seminar classes.

Q: How will students use Naviance to apply to college?

A: Students will use this system to request transcripts and teacher recommendations from the school. They will also use the system to keep track of submitted applications and results from colleges.

Please attend one of the Help Sessions help throughout the month of September if you have further questions or need help accessing Naviance. We are very excited to offer this program to our students, and we hope you enjoy learning your way around!


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