Welcome to the Next Steps Blog!

High school is such an exciting time, both for students and their parents.   New classes, bigger spaces, more freedom, and of course, our students’ future seems to be looming in front of us.   Time seems to speed up as our children move into high school and for some, it can be frightening as we imagine what the future might hold.  To listen to mass media, you’d think everybody gets rejected from their first choice college and every student needs super high test scores and dozens of AP classes to even have a chance at one of those limited spots.  We know this isn’t the reality, as there are more than 3500 colleges in the US, many of which are great fits for some and not great for others.

This is why those of us on CSD’s CCCT (Career and College Counseling Team) decided to start this “Next Steps” newsletter.  We want you to know that this should not be a stressful time and to help reduce the anxiety that you and your student may be feeling.  As you have heard, the college admissions process is not a contest to get into the highest ranked, best known school, but rather it is a search for the best match for your student.  That is where we come in!  As a team, we work together with our juniors and seniors to help them develop lists of colleges that fit their personalities and needs and help them through the process of testing, essay writing, applications and more.  It is our hope that by reading this newsletter on a regular basis, your anxiety will ease a little and you will better enjoy this process and this time with your students as they move toward this big step toward their adulthood.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any of the members of  the CCCT any questions or send feedback our way:


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